An unspoiled valley
surrounded by vineyards

High quality wines, produced with a precise objective: to enhance Sagrantino according to the most authentic Umbrian tradition, with great respect for the environment.

The love for this territory and its millenary traditions has led the Cesarini family to devote themselves to the production of wine, aiming forthe highest quality products respecting traditions and the environment.

Surrounded by the millennial history of Umbrian art and culture, Villa Mora winery lies on a hill where you can still breathe beauty and freedom.

The entire production process follows the rhythm of nature starting from the vineyards, where the use of herbicides and harmful chemical products is carefully avoided thanks the only use of mechanical means for working the land, following a strict working schedule.

The technological innovations which the Cellar is equipped with, are all aimed at a single goal: to preserve the characteristics of a unique vine such as Sagrantino, which does not need to be distorted but rather protected and enhanced. Villa Mora wines are pleasant, soft and lovable like the rolling hills where they are produced.

environmental sustainability

Today, Umbria is still a wild and unspoilt region:

the ancient medieval villages are still inhabited; the countryside, worked by small producers according to ancient peasant traditions, defines what is now called the green heart of Italy.

Since the beginning, the awareness of this incredible heritage has led us to focus the entire project on respect for the environment.

Scheduling the work in the vineyard according to the weather conditions makes it possible to minimize the waste of agricultural fuel.

Modern winemaking technologies allow us to extract colors and scents without the use of sulphites.

The carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process is not dispersed but captured and reused in the production process.

Suppliers are also chosen on the basis of their commitment to environmental sustainability. We are committed to ensuring that all the packaging components of our wines come from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable:

  • the paper used for labels and cartons is FSC certified
  • the bottles have a low weight, less than 500gr, in order to reduce the carbon footprint without compromising the quality of the wines for aging
  • each stopper used, in single-piece cork, retains 309 g of CO2 which are not dispersed into the atmosphere